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The most meaningful thing on earth or any realm really. If you get her, you get nirvana. If you lose her, you are certain to be in the trap of a bloody witch and you better figure it out on your own how to break the spell on you and your loved ones and get the hell out! You save your life yourself, nobody else can do for you but Dikshya can sure help as an enlightened one. Rare. Gorgeous. Amazingly gifted. Don't miss her, get her to complete you. She is a miracle. Thank God.
Dikshya: Angel, Heavenly being
by Diyamaya December 21, 2016

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The goddess of beauty and perfection she is the most beautiful thing you would ever see and when she smiles it would change you're life for the better and if you give it time you would fall for this goddess
Iam obsessed with tawni
by Mishimo July 16, 2016

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Rhayne is the definition of a queen amongst all bitches. She slays on all these hoes and she is not to be fucked with. She is a goddess
I wish I was more like rhayne
by Ghggbju July 16, 2017

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A wise goddes who refuses to see the worst in people.
Your Daynese is showing
by Ginger box December 20, 2016

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A person that is like a goddess sent from the heavens to make someone's life better
Jeff: I'm so frustrated right now

Phillip: Well, I think you need Seyanka in your life, she makes life worth living.
by Anon.00001 August 17, 2017

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Iranda is the most gorgeous,wonderful person you'll ever meet . She's sexy and adorable at the same .She's perfect and will always be Reece's pikaachuuu
Iranda be the death of me.
Every girl wants to be Iranda.
Her body is amazingdancer
by Spitfire1000 April 18, 2018

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A Fijian goddess, that's friendly and determined, has her shit together, and is going places in life.
Man that girl sanjlyn is sexy
by Azuureeyes April 07, 2017

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