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He is a god. The way he describes the delicacy in front of him is truly amazing. I get a boner everytime he speaks. His random, high pitched noises make me get an orgasm. His chews put me in a trance. The sounds put me in a paradise. I am a bit worried about his current health state, but he is getting better. His energy just puts a grin on my face. Overall, he is a beautiful, omnipotent figure you should look up to.
Person: Guys, it's Joey!
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by JoeysServant July 07, 2016

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Another word for god
We are number 1 Hey- Robbie Rotten

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Helseth is a being of unknown decent with the purpose to bring the people of Earth both joy and pain. Going around the globe teaching the youth the most important skills imaginable. Although most find his presence to inflict pain upon the world, only the most knowledgeable see Helseth as God himself. Nobody truly understands who or what Helseth is, but what we do know is it is something not to be messed with, yet something we can all learn from.
It is time to pray for Helseth to come.
by _The_Savior December 15, 2017

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Best dude out there better than Gutz, BigRed, Fagui and Adam!
Yo bro your such a Fin Dog
by GutzGang March 03, 2017

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A god that is the realest. Never afraid to hide his feelings. Will tell you real shit. Very loyal. Ain't never been a bitch in his life. Praise him.
"Lord leevo always tells me how it is".
by Lordleevo December 20, 2016

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Using “Fetty” in place of “God”; Fetty=God
That’s mans Fetty , he’s so cool!
by Fettyisgod January 06, 2018

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If you see him hide yo girl, because he coming!
Eamonn Maher = GOD
by Asian Terrorist August 07, 2017

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