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The most sexy beautiful mothefucker that ever graced the planet he is a god so bent to his will
Man i wish i could be like zed
by Dj Zex March 07, 2017

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Best dude out there better than Gutz, BigRed, Fagui and Adam!
Yo bro your such a Fin Dog
by GutzGang March 03, 2017

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Za-ch Ni-Ra
The realest nigga known to man. This man is a myth beyond all myths (on a higher scale than jesus) When people think of this man they know not to fuck with him
JImmy: Hey who's Zach Nira?

Kyle: only the realest nigga in the wrold!
by REAL ONE $*#^$*&(@# October 04, 2017

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An internet YouTuber God that has sadly deactivated and left YouTube. He was famous for his Terrible Channels, and when he left, many created Terrible Channels in their own way.

Also popular for his videos that are:

-Terrible Channels: Sonic99rae
-People Who Milk Minecraft (1&2)
An uneducated swine: Who is Roberate?

A long follower: A fallen God.
by A Follower Of Roberate May 14, 2018

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redneck it's a type of person that loves to be outside and work. their all different in their own way. but i know that this crap would make them mad. people think the own what a redneck is well you apparently ain't one. to me a redneck is a person the works hard, loves their family, loves God, and loves life. life out in the country is fun because you don't have to worry about as much. to me being a redneck is fun and i think y'all are just jealous.
- I love being a redneck.
by redneck... April 12, 2017

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you will never meet such a gamer in your life. he's a son of christ.
we should all be a lil more like blessing
by uendc09d41npij1vdnx`i0z9u-3syu October 18, 2018

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When you and God have a falling out
God just made Roast Post about me, tf
by uhh huhh May 30, 2018

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