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An unstoppable force of power, a name used to describe a god. If you were to be punched by Drino, your soul would leave your body.
"Yo I was just punched by Drino, I can't feel the rest of my body"
by definatelynotdrino February 21, 2019

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Asadel is a cool person a god and he’s tuff he likes sports he works nonstop for somthing he really wants
Radom kid1: who’s he
Radomkid2: he’s Asadel he’s popular
by UNKNOWN7207 November 02, 2018

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Best dude out there better than Gutz, BigRed, Fagui and Adam!
Yo bro your such a Fin Dog
by GutzGang March 03, 2017

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you will never meet such a gamer in your life. he's a son of christ.
we should all be a lil more like blessing
by uendc09d41npij1vdnx`i0z9u-3syu October 18, 2018

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When you and God have a falling out
God just made Roast Post about me, tf
by uhh huhh May 30, 2018

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Imagine a gorgeous hispanic boy with curled hair with a very chunky grey cat that created our universe.
And to top it off a amazing red husky that is used as a vessel of the grey cats power. (possibly named ally)
This is a godly squad, or THE godly squad.
Ever heard of the godly squad? No? well fuck you
by bigvanillagorilla June 05, 2019

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He is an handsome,funny guy who is godly at fortnite and carries all his friends,Ethan and Charlie.
Ethan:Did you see the guy that carried me and got a 20 kill dub
Charlie:ya,it must be Christopher
by CHRISOMEGA April 18, 2019

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