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The best group of pokemon players the world has ever seen. Lead by their fearless leader Heck.
The members of the NSI often eat beef.
by H E C K August 10, 2018

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The will of God.

Could be the name of a husky, handsome bearded male.
The old neighbor's death was god's will.
Why can't my man be as lit as Godswill?
by Relleka June 18, 2018

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Asadel is a cool person a god and he’s tuff he likes sports he works nonstop for somthing he really wants
Radom kid1: who’s he
Radomkid2: he’s Asadel he’s popular
by UNKNOWN7207 November 02, 2018

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An internet YouTuber God that has sadly deactivated and left YouTube. He was famous for his Terrible Channels, and when he left, many created Terrible Channels in their own way.

Also popular for his videos that are:

-Terrible Channels: Sonic99rae
-People Who Milk Minecraft (1&2)
An uneducated swine: Who is Roberate?

A long follower: A fallen God.
by A Follower Of Roberate May 14, 2018

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A Italian word; origin early 1800's for a God, typically involved with speed and agility.
He's portesio
by Brandon Obtien April 07, 2017

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you will never meet such a gamer in your life. he's a son of christ.
we should all be a lil more like blessing
by uendc09d41npij1vdnx`i0z9u-3syu October 18, 2018

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He is an handsome,funny guy who is godly at fortnite and carries all his friends,Ethan and Charlie.
Ethan:Did you see the guy that carried me and got a 20 kill dub
Charlie:ya,it must be Christopher
by CHRISOMEGA April 18, 2019

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