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An Abigail is a girl who seems innocent and quiet, but once you get to know her you will see her crazy side. She is rebellious and loves doing crazy things. She’s also very sweet and nice to everyone,but don’t get on her bad side, she might just ruin you. She’s easy to get along with but doesn’t tolerate annoying people. She’s a good girlfriend, but you need to break open her shell to see the true her.
Damnn I didn’t know Abigail was this wild!!!
by Meme islife2K September 26, 2017

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Breaking up with your girlfriend right at the start of summer when the ocean of short shorts and miniskirts flood the streets.

The girlfriend thinks its spontaneous but the boys know is strategic.
"I just broke up with my girlfriend, it had to be done"

"Yep, its June 1st, textbook strategic breakup, summer is by far best time to be single"

"yeah I hope she takes me back in the fall when the babes start wearing pants again"
by d1sKoBisCuiT June 10, 2017

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What you say to your girl. When one of you goes the the others house. Saying " What movie should we listen to?" mean that person has plans to something else (kissing, sex and other acts, etc) while the movie is playing.
Jim: " ya so me don't ask me what happens in Rogue One . Karen and I just listened to the movie (Listen to a movie) on our date."
Anthony: "Duuuuuude. You're sick."
by Qing Wa January 04, 2017

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A woman who is amazing and enters weirdohs more than Aaron, therefore making her a better friend than him
Person: has Tori Donofrio came in the chat?
Person 2: yes she has. Aaron hasn’t because he’s a fucking rat
by Karkat V February 06, 2019

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Noun. A slang to describe a close friend or girlfriend
My hoppu is the cutest living being that has ever walked this earth
by RowanGol August 12, 2018

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The sweetest most beautiful girl in the world. Has a golden heart and is unable to legitimately hate anyone. Sivon is also extremely loyal and will never leave your side. She is the best girlfriend to have. She is always wanting her boyfriends jacket, and is always in the mood to cuddle. Ironically, she is the best to cuddle with.
I am so lucky Sivon is my girlfriend, I don’t know what I would do if she wasn’t. She is simply the best!
by GTr for real August 27, 2018

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something you will never get
If you are looking for a girlfriend read the text below

Fuck you you will me single forever
by Pussylicker1889 November 30, 2018

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