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A ginger with a shite haircut, and has liking to putting his finger up people's arses.
Fucking love Rawlo me, but I just wish he'd keep his finger out me arse.
by amberorgy December 20, 2017

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Something (usually on the body) that is unusually bright red.
Scott the ginger's hair is Baboon ass red.
by pill cosby November 23, 2016

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Reference to the pussy of a hot ginger female.
There goes a red roof inn.
via giphy
by Eaton Holgoode December 12, 2018

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Having lots of interest in gingers; men and women.
That ginger is giving me gingervitis.
by jadevooo December 21, 2018

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A ginghereaded sweetheart who will eat your soul if necessary due to the gingerness of her but she can't help that. Otherwise she's pretty awesome with gorgeous eyes and rocking tatas. God bless a Betsybelle. They're very intelligent and know many facts that you might not know about. They can keep you entertained for hours and will always put a smile on your face.
Is that betsy belle talking about 60's pop culture?

Yes of course it is.
by iTunesThief January 15, 2017

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OJ + Ginger hair + 5 toenails = a orange mushroom with purple dots.
turns a ginger into a super ginger
1. hand me some Ginger Juice
by PandaWarLord December 12, 2016

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A boicunt is a man, usually a boy in his teenage years, that is utterly retarded. this kind of kid believes that his youth will never run out, so he lives day by day spewing dead memes and jacking off to Zoie Burgher. He claims to have a girlfriend yet exaggerates his age so he can make online dating profiles. This is a lifelong loser in the making.
Student #1: Hey, hey, teacher!

Teacher: What?

Student #1: Do a barrel roll, lmao! *dabs*

Student #2: What a fucking boicunt.
by PinkSeason November 06, 2016

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