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meme-o supreme-o
by THE REAL MEME BOI March 01, 2017

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Brashaun I said Big black loud and ghetto. he will never talk bad about out you behind your back and will say how he feels straight to your face. He has a great sense of humor and can sing fantastically. He show s loves and protectiveness towards anyone's he loves.
theres brashaun again, always making a joke.
by The black dynamite October 06, 2016

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A Ghettophile is a ghetto pedophile who is often seen on the streets flexing thinking he can get those racks up. Since Ghettophiles are so ghetto they just steal skateboards to go skeet down the street. If you see a Ghettophile you’ll be okay since they can’t afford a basement to drag you into.
“Yo what’s that over there?”
“Oh that’s just a Ghettophile”
by Angie did it December 11, 2018

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Ugly chicks who think they balling. Rob's Paul to pay Peter....Got a husband but screw the Boo just as much as the hubby. STRETCH OUT between the legs.....gross. NEGLECT the kids for side bae. Hubby stays the night with Kelia every other night. Ain't focus on the quality of life but in Tune wit da CLUB.....sincerely da GHETTO princess :-)
I love my ghetto princesses, they make me feel like a King.
by uniquely u December 13, 2016

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A phrase used when a friend or stranger does something really ghetto and hood like
Dshaun -** sags his pants and listens to trap music**
Terq-“ you see this , he’s Just another nigga, .”
Eli- yup J.A.N
by Fire spitter April 21, 2019

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Ghetto Quick.. When a normally classy chick loses her cool and is ready to scrap...
Marcia was cool until confronted then she went ghetto -quick.and slapped that bitch
by Maak4060 March 08, 2019

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A person who won’t stop eating, generally has a flat back head and lives in the ghetto.
The Bronx is typically where you will identify a zlatanovski.
by UrbanMyth1 January 05, 2019

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