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George is the most George person you'll ever meet. He's always willing to George around and is always Georging everyone he meets. George is the nicest George that's ever Georged in the George. George George George GeorgeGeorge George GeorgeGeorgeGeorgeGeorge GeorgeGeorge.
Me: "GeorgeGeorgeGeorgeGeorgeGeorgeGeorgeGeorgeGeorgeGeorge"
George: "Hey that's me"
by not_george November 28, 2017

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An Extremely Lanky Retard who has a tiny penis (0.24 CM)

He likes men and wanks to gay porn (somehow)
You Are A George Walters
by Harvey Pace February 07, 2017

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A kid you is a short and Japanese usually very annoying. He likes a guy named Molly. His hair line look like a silly straw. He his a professional cock sucker. His grandma creAted the fortune cookie and grampa created the chopsticks. He wears busted up shoes he smokes weed all day.
Kai sucked a dick
by Zuecos February 16, 2018

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The type that will steal your heart then rip it right out of your chest. He will be shy and Sweet at First and try to be a goofball but no matter what he is never satisfied or happy with anyone even himself. Child minded. He makes the wrong decisions that you can't tell him any different. The most impossible person you will ever meet. Everything has to be his way even if it's not the right way. The type of person that will make a ton of mistakes and he will hold secrets and not care who he lies to as long as he is satisfied. You cannot confront him because he will bite your head off and put you down in any way he can to hurt you. No matter how hard you try to get him to realize the mistakes he makes and what he should do right, he will never give a damn. Used to be a decent guy but when you make too many mistakes and you don't deal with the issues you have caused then you'll never be happy and you'll keep treating everyone else like shit just to feel better about yourself. All of these definitions I've read about guys with the name George... Seems like there are a lot of good ones out there but no matter what name anyone has... Not all of them are the same. Too many assholes in the world but don't have a heart for other people. Never let anyone tear you apart. I believe in forgiving but only forgive the people that deserve to be forgiven. If the person you're with doesn't put any effort in your relationship then get rid of them.
George, maybe someday you will forgive yourself and decide to do things right and stop the lying. You should never hurt people just to save yourself from being hurt. If you would get rid of all the guilt by doing things right then you wouldn't have to feel like shit and treat everyone else like shit just so you feel better. You have turned into a a real asshole but you made all of your decisions and there's only one person at fault... You know who that is. I Will Always Love You but not like I used to. I know you have a heart but you don't use it anymore. Maybe you'll see this one day? You know who I am. ♡ JA.
by JA. October 02, 2017

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A fucking asshole. He's just a dick.
"That guy is a total George"
by MrMathew August 04, 2018

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