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the angular distance of a place east or west of the meridian at Greenwich, England, or west of the standard meridian of a celestial object, usually expressed in degrees and minutes.
"at a longitude of 2° W"
The city of greenwich is located 0 longitude
by Geography potter November 30, 2017

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A term used to describe the political turmoil caused by Russian ambition for expansion in central Asia. Britain was worried that this would eventually lead to a Anglo-Russian war and threaten Britain's claim to India. The term is not used much to day but it is perhaps mostly associated with the novel Kim. Kim is a novel written by Rudyard Kipling, a British poet and journalist who was in favor of colonialism.
Had Britain supported the Mujaheddin forces in the Soviet–Afghan War, then it could have evoked memories of the great game
by Earl of Warwick July 07, 2017

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The geographic area comprised of Oregon and Washington.

This area tends to be a high level of homogenization and interchangeability area for a few different reasons:

1) They are both very liberal areas politically.

2) One of Washington state's largest cities (Vancouver, WA) is a suburb of Portland, Oregon.

3) Their weather is very similar (damp winters with mild summers).

4) Although Washegon falls under the title of "West Coast", Washegon is very different in some ways to California as a whole.

5) Although Washegon falls under the umbrella title of "Pacific Northwest", it differs enough from Idaho and Montana, that deserves its own label.
Person 1: "I wanna move to Washegon."
Person 2: "You mean like Portland or Seattle?"
Person 1: "Yeah."
by stocktrader June 05, 2017

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