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A condition of the male or female genitalia induced by:

1. A strong state of sexual arousal whereby one is so horny their engorged genitals have an achy, burning sensation.

2. The use of a sexual warming gel or a muscle cream that induces genital burning and a fire down below feeling.

3. Receiving a blow job while the giver consumes a hot beverage or soup.

4. A raging sexually transmitted disease.
She had me so hard and horny my cock was a raging genital inferno.

She put on way too much warming gel. My cock was a genital inferno.

Love it when Rachel slurps her venti Starbucks while slobbing my knob. Makes for a genital inferno.

That meth whore I shagged last night left me with some rotten cock. I got a genital inferno going on and need to get to the clinic.
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by Cravin A. Hindlick July 03, 2019

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The sweaty crevice of skin between where the leg and the genitals meet.
There is a terrible odour coming from my Pelvic Canal
by Pbf123 June 23, 2018

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A area sometimes reffered to as a ballsack and or balls the penis is not the balls or ballsack it is the part overtop of your balls and biologicly identified as testicles or testes the penis is a multiusable body part capable of being in a state of erect or boner where the penis will face up and will make it hard to urinate also used fpr sex where a penis will release a fluid called semen this fluid can be released by tugging the penis up and down and can be inserted into the Vegina to make such fluid.
My penis is erected
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by The definition meme man June 09, 2018

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Male genitalia.
“Suck my boganna!”
“You don’t even HAVE a boganna.”
by EspressoWhore August 11, 2019

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Snacks refer to the genitals of either gender
She told me we couldn’t have sex but I could still eat the snacks.
by Snacks208 June 20, 2019

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