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Gender is claimed to be a "social construct" and not biology.

Gender is just a word that means "what sex are you" or "what is between your legs".

Obama-era people use the word "gender" so that they can go in to bathrooms and places they are not supposed to go because they are mentally ill.
"Hey, man, you can't go in there! That's the girl's bathroom."
"Don't worry, man. I'll say I identify as a the woman gender and they'll think I'm brave for it!"
"Oh, me, too!"
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by darkestdicktion October 27, 2017
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Someone asking you what pronouns you prefer - it is a jargon phrase for identifying your gender. Ie male, female, neutral, etc.
Example pronouns: He, Him: she, her; shme, sheer, and sometimes... it.
by Bon0 December 01, 2017
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Woman are the unneeded part of the human race. gender. Everything that is "exclusive to women" really is about men. Let's look at some examples. The first one is woman/women. If you look deeper, woman/women is just a super long and annoying way of saying man. Next is femenist. Do you see the men in it? Lastly, you have menstruate. The first three letters say it all. Additionally, there's a reason why woman make less money than men. They are just worse.
That woman is mine.
by TRAVISCOTTISAGOD December 19, 2017
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What someone feels they identify with; Male, Female, Non binary, and so on.

Sometimes confused with sex, which is biological unlike gender
Person 1: Hey what's your gender?

Person 2: I use they/them pronouns.
Person 1: Oh ok.
by That-Bi-Girl May 13, 2017
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the gender of being a gay hating homo. This person is a gay who is also hates gay people. This is a female-like gender
I am faggey-gender
by Ddude123 February 21, 2018
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