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Someone who shows affection to others of the same gender, while not directly being gay, hence the different spelling
You have a big gey.
by IHaveTheBiggestGey January 04, 2018

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"your mom gay" is a joke that can be used to infer that the other party's mother is "gay"
your mom gay
no u
by KhaoZs March 03, 2018

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Usually gay African American and small penis
Erodes gay hahaha
by Edward Thomas October 23, 2016

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Kyle martin is a stereotypical gay man he will try to touch you in magical places if you get to closes but he will not get close to a female he is really gay
Damn stop being a kyle martin all you do is try to touch me
by Yaboichodester69 May 23, 2018

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dvniel is usually a Mexican in high school typically a faggot with his two boy friends vlex and cvrlos he is hot, sexy, a stripper mean\nice
omg dvniel is so mean but dvniel is so rude
by fsggot05 May 16, 2018

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gay it legit makes everyone wanna snap their necks and nobody likes mrs eloe
"glen westlake middle school gave my son depression and now he is dead from self inflicted gunshot"
by fatpeenlick May 28, 2019

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That dudes just like VsCarbine.
by Not VsCarbine April 16, 2019

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