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someone with great respect for ganja
e.g a rasta
how much is a gram here aija?
by dxxon March 24, 2019

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A term coined by my friend Tim (from the terms ganja and marujana) for the snunk-ass weed the people down the hall are always smoking.
"This hallway allways smells like ganjuana, man."
by Tim's "Friend" April 20, 2018

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A massive cunt but there funny so it dont matter
Fuckin loves weed
They be lacking so they dont be speakin my name
Quase dont fuck wid them
by YungFireBoi September 09, 2018

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The generosity of ganja, in terms of bestowing healing gifts on the soul.
"Boy, I is high!"
"That my friend is ganjarosity."
by rum plunkett April 26, 2019

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