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bring your own games
Hey Gina, come over and join the dinner party. Also, BYOG!
by gingella October 13, 2018

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When you take a picture of a friend without them knowing and then text them the picture.
I checked my phone and there was a picture of me chowing a taco! You really tasnered me
by Mexican Genie May 07, 2018

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When your mother disturbs you during a game of Call of Duty or Counter Strike Global Offensive. Usually ends in losing the round.
Man, I was playing CoD yesterday with James, but he got momscoped, so we lost the match!
by nIgrs August 11, 2016

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Is some activity you do that doesnt relate in sexual act mostly talks , jiggles ,cards
You bro let go over space club and do dome shitty stuff
by ZadXI June 07, 2018

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a game where guys impress other guys
they now focus of doing this instead of impressing girls.

Great job guys!!
"did you hear that Kaitlyn's single now?"
"Wat sorry i was playing fortnite, and who's kaityln"
via giphy
by xokaylee February 28, 2018

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a boy who is small and thin and loves video games. Tenzen has fine fashion taste except for his shoes, which are always bizarre colors, and he breaks out in song at the slightest reference to a musical.
“Ah, tenzen, he’s such a character.”
by father frog January 08, 2018

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Is There Any Deal.

It's a website that compares prices for PC games.
I like buying cheap games, so I check ITAD first.
by RubbelDieKatz October 17, 2018

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