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A games portal where you can play and create braains.io copies. Also there are some original games but no one cares about them.
Hey, wanna play some games in modd.io?
by SomeoneWhoCreatedOriginalGame January 02, 2019

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If something is ‘game’ it means it’s done, the game (or activity) is over. This expression is usually mentioned in sports or when chasing a girl.
She be with another dude man, it’s game she won’t fall for you anymore.
by Big Man Chink May 01, 2019

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A game that most boys play when they don’t have nothing better to do. They will also post it in their sc but realize that people don’t give a fuck about their win !
(Person 1 )You look tired today. (Person 2 ) Yeah I was playing fortnite today
by Dedestyle16 May 05, 2018

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A game needing only people and a lamppost/stationary large object. This game involves a group of people having one person on. Everyone will hide whilst the allocated person who is ‘it’ will stand at the object/lamppost and count down from a decided number. At the end the person will shout ‘ACKIE TRACKIE 123’ and will attempt to find the rest of the players. All players must attempt to reach the object and say ackie trackie 123 before getting tagged. If tagged the player must race the person who is ‘it’ to the object and say ackie trackie 123. Who ever loses the race is subject to the possibility of being on. After everyone has attempted to get to the object, the last person can try to beat the person on and shout ‘ACKIE TRACKIE 123 SAVE ALL’ this would in turn restart the game and leave the same person on. If they are unsuccessful at this, they are on or if they do not say save all, the first person to be caught is on.
“Hey Jim shall we play a dashing game of Ackie Trackie 123?”
“Sure thing Paul, lets call on for Hannah and Jose to play too!”
by Puncturedbicycle May 05, 2018

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The homosexual male or female that a heterosexual person in prison takes on as a boyfriend or girlfriend of sorts. The piece of game (p.o.g.) performs sexual favors for the heterosexual, cooks for them, and does anything else the heterosexual wants all for the guise of being in a relationship with that person.
That's my piece of game right there.

You better leave him alone, thats MY P.O.G.!
by Mopeeda Jenkins May 29, 2018

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games you play online and you require the flash player
Guy 1: I like to play flash games
Guy 2:it’s not 2008
via giphy
by Random person #5629366837 May 02, 2019

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The lowest rank in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege. These people are idiots who barely know how to play the game, and are a more or less guaranteed de-rank.
Those fucking Coppers are total idiots, they just reinforced Kids.
by Cobalt0472 December 29, 2018

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