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A gray muzzle is defined as a older furry typically over the age of 35 and a long term fan of the community.
"I'm pretty sure they are a gray muzzle."
"So and so is a gray muzzle!"
by SketchTheFox January 06, 2018
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When someone identifies them self as being willing to have sexual relationships with fiction characters from "My Little Pony"
Person 1: Did you hear the Maddy is Clopsexual?
Person 2: What the hell is that?
Person 1: That means that she wants to fuck fictional pony's
Person 2: That's so fucked up!
by clopsexual July 05, 2016
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Majira strawberry is a furry YouTuber named Majira, Majira also means summer in Swahili! (Majira is also very cringey according to him)
Oh look it’s Majira Strawberry!!
by RippleTheWolf January 07, 2018
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Seth is a FURRY. Might hide the fact that he belongs in the furry community and his best friend is usually a bronie.
Guy: Oh my gosh Seth was in the furry convention last week! Saw him with his pegasister!
Girl: Oh yeah!!!
by furryfurryfurrry November 14, 2017
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Someone who's attracted to furrys but not one themselves.
"Look how hot that man in the animal costume is."
"You're such a xarf!"
by Xarf loves marf January 24, 2017
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the typical name an 11 year old girl furry would use on the internet
Sparklz: Oh Hi guys :3
by pickle1020 January 12, 2017
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A relationship that resembles exclusive friends with benefits with extra benefits such as cuddles and emotional connections but is not a full relationship. Used almost exclusively by furries.
Person 1: Inkh and Chris just got murried!
Person 2: OMG I'm so happy for them.
by ZeraTheMage November 29, 2016
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