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A gray muzzle is defined as a older furry typically over the age of 35 and a long term fan of the community.
"I'm pretty sure they are a gray muzzle."
"So and so is a gray muzzle!"
by SketchTheFox January 06, 2018

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What a femboi fox's ass tastes like
Why tell us not to eat cookie dough but make it taste like a femboi fox's ass?
by a can of arizona iced tea September 26, 2018

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the typical name an 11 year old girl furry would use on the internet
Sparklz: Oh Hi guys :3
by pickle1020 January 12, 2017

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A time prior to someone realising that they are a furry when they expressed characteristics of a furry without knowledge of what a furry even is
Person 1, a furry: “remember that time in middle school when I was obsessed with werewolves?”
Person 2: “yep, that’s furshadowing for ya”
by Snaggletooth24 November 05, 2018

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Seth is a FURRY. Might hide the fact that he belongs in the furry community and his best friend is usually a bronie.
Guy: Oh my gosh Seth was in the furry convention last week! Saw him with his pegasister!
Girl: Oh yeah!!!
by furryfurryfurrry November 14, 2017

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The number one wolf dad, The mighty ruler of the sacred plains, a very funny and charming fur that loves talking with others
"King Tyrex is a really cool dude...also totally daddy material *blushes*"
by 1992727e99 September 20, 2017

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Is a weird person that loves bowtie
And a furry
She's an idiot
Is a weird person
by ThatOneWeirdo666 June 15, 2018

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