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What a furry makes to represent them. It can be of a range of animals. Some of those are: Dogs, cats, wolves, horses, dragons etc.
Furry 1: Hey, whats your fursona animal? Furry 2: Oh, mines a wolf.
by xanspanky May 29, 2018

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A furry meme is like an animation meme, but with a furry as the character. Furry memes consist of an anthropomorphic animal, or "anthro" usually dancing to some sort of song. They are typically animated, but sometimes are just moving pictures layered with effects.
Susan: Have you done the furry meme 'emotional' yet?
Grace: No, I don't have enough time to animate.
by FeelingPunk December 23, 2016

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A cast of furries
Hey DogCast I know that furry crew!
by urbanaddictionary May 05, 2017

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When a person is getting dicked down by a furry or a person in an animal suit.
Wow I just got furry fucked. My fantasy has been lived.
by Snm928 May 02, 2019

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The number one wolf dad, The mighty ruler of the sacred plains, a very funny and charming fur that loves talking with others
"King Tyrex is a really cool dude...also totally daddy material *blushes*"
by 1992727e99 September 20, 2017

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Is a weird person that loves bowtie
And a furry
She's an idiot
Is a weird person
by ThatOneWeirdo666 June 15, 2018

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The act of eating the ass of someone in a fursuit
"hey do you wanna go back to my room and practice our Malfeces technique"
by Daku_Gannan May 29, 2019

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