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A disease in which your lip has a fupa.
Dude wtf you just tried to give me a case of fupa lip, didn't you?
by BigNugget69 December 21, 2016

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aka FUPA (Fat Upper Pubic Area), it's the soft fleshy meaty "headrest" that provides cushion for the pushin' of the obese male anatomy.
fupa, fupa, fupa-de-do, that fat guy will present his dick on a wiener pillow for you
by The Unaboober December 16, 2016

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When a woman with a large FUPA (Front Upper Puss Area) bends over exposing her anus and vagina, and someone goes to town like Peter Griffin at an all you can eat buffet after yelling ‘smorgasbord’ as their war cry.
Chris’s face smells funny, I bet he went to the smorgasbord again.
by Kathy S 😋 June 27, 2018

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When a woman loses so much weight that her fupa has a center dividing line making it look like a testicle sack
Baby better get some sculpting done, she got fupacles!
by Jazmyne616 April 12, 2017

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The act of having sex with a fat, greasy women.
I took that bitch to Pork Chop Hill
by MacDaddyHatesFrankie February 21, 2017

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