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a physical disability.

a mix of chungus and aids

Common in the Species known as Frudo.
Hey! That guy has Jiglus! Looooserrrr!!!!
by MajorGoats December 28, 2018

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Something someone says while one peraon is on urban dictionary and another is on videi chat
how about you look up another word while I go wash my face
by AAryn_ORtiz April 02, 2017

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Hot sexy good with men knows how to sit back and drink a coold one and loves the word this nat
Robin for girls is the name robin for girls
by @destanyc7 April 19, 2018

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Super attractive, smart, and funny. He makes everyone smile and he is so fun to be around. He is super nerdy but in the very cute way. He is kind, trustworthy and caring. You can go to him to feel better at anytime and he will make everything okay. He is so hot and he gets all the girls. He is a gentleman and he knows how to treat a girl right. You are very lucky to know a Jack so donโ€™t ruin it. He has a very good taste in music and is good at almost everything.
Jack is HOT.
by Billyobshon June 20, 2019

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Oh heโ€™s so funny, must be a oluwafolajinmi
by Lexie Foster March 12, 2019

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Trying to help somebody or a group of people out no matter what the consequences might be.
John: "I don't want you inviting Mark over for dinner. He's always trying to play the hero by offering to clean up the dishes and make dessert."
by XxTwistedFalconXx February 17, 2019

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A funny bosnain dude thatโ€™s good at fortnite and talking to his family members
Mulje was so funny in class today , he threw a sandwich at the teacher
by Muhidin.music November 22, 2018

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