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ridhwan; noun

Ridhwan is a person generally the guy you know as the class clown. You will most likely find him to be the guy always yelling and doing stupid shit in class, but he is one of the funniest guys in school and many people will look up to him. Keep in mind he's also a big brollic black man that has a 10 pack and is 7 feet tall. If you mess with him you're dead.
Yo, did you see Ridhwan cracking those jokes? The guy is hilarious!

Dude, Ridhwan is like my hero! He's so funny!
by Enterpritic December 03, 2016

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A beautiful young girl who is unique she can get all the guys and she will steal your man, better watch out for her she's coming your way, she's also a fun loving friend and everyone loves her
Oh that girl germyra, she has bars
by Michelleisherfriend April 17, 2017

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A random multiple-word phrase. Usually used to confuse or humor someone.
Mom the abusive laundry is giving me a headache. Don't let the hasking give you

a hyena leg-attack.
by The Appliance Guy February 15, 2018

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“My Foot To Your Genitals”
Inspector Hector: I’ll shift you via the tried and tested means of MFTYG.
Shorty: what’s that?
Inspector hector: My Foot To Your Genitals.
by Bigboyjudge June 07, 2018

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Being so high everything’s funny
bro Jessica’s back with her ex. That’s so geek
by Cousinfucked9 June 09, 2018

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If you see a friend and you what to have there full attention
It's a funny way of saying "Ayeee" Or "WASSUP!!"
"Brian.. SHOOWOO"
by Awerka Huson December 15, 2017

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a funny and handsome man with a great smile. usualy with deep dimples and is always ready for any situation
"oh man, that guy's prepared"
"must be Hildegardo"
by the._.dani August 05, 2017

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