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1. Sharifa \sh(a)-ri-fa\ as a girl's name is of Arabic origin, and the meaning of Sharifa is "honored".Other meanings: respected, truthful, virtuous.A girl or woman who cares a lot about her beloved ones and the people around her. She is very responsible when it comes to taking care of someone. She loves children and will be the greatest mom in the world when she decides to become one.One of the prettiest girls you know, with gorgeous lips, beautiful eyes and an excellent, perfect body with an awesome booty, and a beautiful belly. The girl everyone wants to get with. Any cool boy really loves hanging out with her. Everyone gets along with her very well because she's so lovely, funny, cool, and easy-going.The one girl you can talk to about everything, and who will not tell any of your secrets to anyone.The girl who you can talk to for hours without getting bored.
Syarifah is one in a million best girl in the world
by Ni9 December 28, 2017
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A beautiful young girl who is unique she can get all the guys and she will steal your man, better watch out for her she's coming your way, she's also a fun loving friend and everyone loves her
Oh that girl germyra, she has bars
by Michelleisherfriend April 17, 2017
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A black kid whos funny as shit...and can sing and dance as well.And hes a Virgo
I really wish i were Shaki right now.
by Kyzia Davis November 11, 2016
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LaDarien is the kind of boy who is a fuckboy and that everybody loves. Annoying but that's why everybody loves him. He is a good friend and with a unique name and nice Eyes and also Lightskin. You can resist him because he is a good friend to have. Attracts all baddies. He's the funniest guy in his prime too.
LaDarien is annoying but my bestfriend.
by Jamieeeede December 11, 2016
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Something Jamaicans say to say "kill all the whites"
"Yo he see Jacob, he's a boombaclut"
by Calum989 December 02, 2016
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A very pretty girl that’s nice and funny. Don’t get on Thairi’s bad side she will fuck you up.
Thairi slays
by Yourrealitycheck101 January 04, 2018
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To youtube what MJ was to music.
Markiplier is some good stuff.
via giphy
by pill cosby March 23, 2017
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