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A term which consists of two parts.
1. "Köcher" can be said, when a person (friend or stranger)burps intensionally or unintensionally in an appropriate volume, so that the surrounded people notice your miracle.

When you are not absolutely sure, if you have reached the sufficient volume you could use the following scale.
If you were burping at a family gathering and everybody would look at you utterly shocked- you know - the volume was enough.
2. "Schulz" must be said about half a second later. The response's volume depends on the burp volume, the louder the handcrafted song of enjoyment, the louder the only appropriate response "Schulz"!

Successfully introduced by Valentin and Robin at expense of our friend
Bruh, this beer is the best i have ever had... Friend 1 burps loudly and says: Köcher?
Rest responding: Schulz!
Friend 2: we see :D
by Valentinos February 19, 2018

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A text sent to replace the simple and short "fun" in order to seem as though you are paying attention, even though you are not.
Person 1: So Becky and I did a lot of things over the weekend like bowling, swimming, shopping, and we ran into Jeff from high school,(etc)

Person 2: fun fun fun
by NoodleHairedBoy February 07, 2017

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punch a woman in the head during anal. its just a damn joke.why so serious !?
my wife loves being donkey punched.
by KING TUTA December 26, 2017

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A very talented girl. Very beautiful and is always the life of the party. Energetic and will always keep you laughing.
:Who is she?
: I don't know must be a suzzie
by Urban.Dic.tionary December 19, 2016

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A variation of 'Perfect' when you are ridiculously hipster to say the correct word or there's something problematic with your pronunciation due to making too many pouts in the past!
Kunal was a pawfect intern!
by life_is_harsh June 13, 2018

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An amazing best friend. She is loyal, understanding, and creative. Jonmaries have great personality’s with their good energy. They keep a lot to themselves and don’t like germs. With there contagious laughter and smile everyone wants to be around them all the time. She has lots of friends and a bit of an attitude but not necessarily a bad one. She is very confident and pretty and is brilliant and although she may not be book smart she’s street smart and most likely good a social studies. Everyone wants to sit at her table.
person A: who’s that girl with that laugh

person B: that’s jonmarie
by b___de..... May 23, 2018

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Always a POOPERMAN and also gets his last name confused with waterman by his school.Awsome and kind.Lovable and hansome.Ladies man and the best friend in the whole wide world.
Girl:Alex saved me from a nazi last night and then we did each other.It was awsome.
by 96rssdifgyuisaTdghjgtesthjikoh December 13, 2017

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