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A sexy intelligent girl who gives the best advice. Extremely funny and popular, known by all. Can crack a joke with anyone, very friendly, welcoming and kind.
Even though she didn't know me, she was a samsam so she accepted me quickly.
by MrLegendKing December 28, 2017

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A text sent to replace the simple and short "fun" in order to seem as though you are paying attention, even though you are not.
Person 1: So Becky and I did a lot of things over the weekend like bowling, swimming, shopping, and we ran into Jeff from high school,(etc)

Person 2: fun fun fun
by NoodleHairedBoy February 07, 2017

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A very talented girl. Very beautiful and is always the life of the party. Energetic and will always keep you laughing.
:Who is she?
: I don't know must be a suzzie
by Urban.Dic.tionary December 19, 2016

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punch a woman in the head during anal. its just a damn joke.why so serious !?
my wife loves being donkey punched.
by KING TUTA December 26, 2017

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An amazing best friend. She is loyal, understanding, and creative. Jonmaries have great personality’s with their good energy. They keep a lot to themselves and don’t like germs. With there contagious laughter and smile everyone wants to be around them all the time. She has lots of friends and a bit of an attitude but not necessarily a bad one. She is very confident and pretty and is brilliant and although she may not be book smart she’s street smart and most likely good a social studies. Everyone wants to sit at her table.
person A: who’s that girl with that laugh

person B: that’s jonmarie
by b___de..... May 23, 2018

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ARMY: Anything that may inflict pain and or suffering. But will get you a free beer when you tell the story later.
Man that 12 mile tactical ruck March was fun
by strikelol July 13, 2018

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A very funny but stubborn guy. He is fun to be around and listens to lots of trap and hip hop music
" wow there goes abdullai!"
by guy_is_anonymous May 15, 2018

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