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A 2 Incher is a super- small penis, and can be considered a micropenis. It is very uncommon to have a 2 incher. The only upside to having a 2 incher is that it sexually functions like any other cock, except smaller.
Daniel "Joe's 2 Incher is disgusting"

Joe "Stop your lies, its 6.8 inches"

Daniel "We all know your lying Joe, you have a 2 incher and it looks fugly."

Joe "You're right. Well at least it gets the job done!"
by joeis2incheslong January 02, 2017

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What you see in the mirror everyday.
"You are so fugly"
by Wolf1986 May 28, 2018

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A word that is short for "fucking ugly",and is also an insult.
"Damn. I'm fugly."

"Holy shit! You be as fugly as fuck!"

"That man is fugly,and I don't like him 1 bit!"

"Don't fall in love with that fugly bitch,dude. A dashingly handsome stud like you
should not fall head-over-heels for a gal like her. Good lord,...I think that she MIGHT

be a total fugly redneck kind of woman!"

"Like,you're fugly,okay? And you suck. Get the fuck out of my face,loser!"

"Things are just about to get,.....fugly."
by [No Need For A Name!] October 03, 2016

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