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Messed/fucked up
"Bro they dude just broke my ankles"
"IK you got them shits jizzed"
by LordLamb October 19, 2018

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Fucked up, messed up, etc
"That prank you pulled was natted bro.."
by sayywhatttt April 05, 2017

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The art of fucking something up so bad, it is beyond repair, or physical reconisation
Dont stumble that up! Youll ruin it!

Nice job Stumble-ing up my game cody
by EmeraldArcher June 16, 2017

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that you, someone else, or an object is fucked. Drunk or just generally fucked. A mixture of bollocks and shit and fucked
I am so fucking schmolocked shouldn’t of drank those last couple shots
by Kpat June 01, 2018

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you are fucked
yrf when your mom sees the mess you've made
via giphy
by catcaller12345 November 24, 2017

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Gaysar, a gay slut who tends to go guy after guy and check if they are gay too. If a guy shuts him out and says oh ur annoying or im straight or i have a gf then he leaves to go find another guy to see if he has a chance with him he is a great cock sucker and is as black as my pubes he will fuck you harder and get u sexually in love with him.
Dammnn I had a great day with Gaysar he fucked me hard and tight
by Amethystblue July 13, 2017

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The feeling when you are depressed for someone, cannot stop thinking about them and you might get in the state of regression.
Dude, dont be so GRUZZED about that girl, she's a bitch...
by Depressedfag July 19, 2018

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