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Border between friendship and an actual relationship
Me and Daniel had a thing however I noticed hown he was a fuckboy so I stopped talking to him
by CalzonManchado February 19, 2017

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A Fuckboy
Lucas, Caleb, Fuckboy squad:A cheddar stick is a fuckboy.
by Hate cheddar sticks July 26, 2016

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A fuck boy that sleeps around with a lot of girls and fuck with their feelings. He is also a sexy boy with a banging personlity
U was with rhustum last night isn't he a fuck boy?
by Unknown. Ak February 03, 2018

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The opposite of a fuckboy
Girl: you shouldn’t date her
Boy: why?
Girl: she’s a pussy player
by TheScrapBoy June 07, 2018

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Tiyhan is most commonly used as a boys name but this name is means he's going to be a fuck boy and do you wrong beware of tiyhan
"I think I like tiyhan" "girl don't do it he a fuck boy"
by Ummhi September 02, 2017

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Usually a white boy that thinks he's a man but can't commit to anything! he only thinks with his dick and will talk to anyone and fuck anyone that will let him. Usually only finds one loyal badass chick in his life and will fuck it up because of his fuck boy habbits. never give them another chance they will fuck you over and over again. Thinks he walks on the moon but has a tiny dick and talks about his dick like it's the biggest magical stick that shoots magical pixie dust. Really just a big pussy that can only get pussy from easy sluts. Once a fuckboy always a fuckboy!
He thinks he's got it all but he's really a Fuck boy2016 and crys a lot
by Catcatdaddy October 19, 2016

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A guy who thinks he is the actual shit when it comes to the ladies, but eventually he loses his touch and becomes a pathetic weak ass cunt. Not to be confused with the finesse goddess, who will always trump a finesse god because well...the finesse god ain't finessing shit unless the finesse goddess allows him to.
Fuck Boy 1: Hey bro you are such a finesse god, you can get any woman you want
Fuck Boy 2: Yea but did you see that one girl turn me down?..She is a bad ass finesse goddess.
by Empress1980 December 19, 2016

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