#fuck boy

Top Definition
A fuck boy that sleeps around with a lot of girls and fuck with their feelings. He is also a sexy boy with a banging personlity
U was with rhustum last night isn't he a fuck boy?
by Unknown. Ak February 03, 2018

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A Fuckboy
Lucas, Caleb, Fuckboy squad:A cheddar stick is a fuckboy.
by Hate cheddar sticks July 26, 2016

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Andrey is an amazing person who's heart is bigger than New York. Andrey is attractive, yet sweet man. Andrey is NOT a FUCKBOY!!
God i love that Andrey, he is so sweet.
by asdfhgjk May 12, 2018

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Someone who enters or fakes a relationship to avoid homelessness.
Man, Trevor is such a hobosexual. What's he gonna do when he runs out of girls that will let him live with them?
by Cjciosjab jdja December 17, 2017

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A Fuck Boy Who Is Proud To Be One And Embraces It, Related Too The Weeknd Hit Song Starboy.
Fuck Boy Who Responds To Someone When Asked "Who Do You Think You Are"....." IMA MUTHA FUCKIN FUCK BOY."
by LayLow2 December 29, 2016

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A fuck boy, someone that talks to loads of girls
‘I think I love him’
‘Really? I heard he’s a rolling stone boy’
by Someshitindiebandyouprobsdk November 22, 2017

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A very nice, sweet guy that can make you laugh and care at the same time. He enjoys memes and can actually text back fast with interest. He’s a great friend to have and gets all the girls at the same time. He’s cute and most likely will have colored hair.
“Have you seem Conour’s new hair color? It’s adorable. I wish I had a chance with him.”
via giphy
by Im awesome fuck off April 19, 2018

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