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Bean is a very versatile word. It can be used in various situations. Commonly, used as a 'hidden' term for fucking. Can be used in public places such as "Would you bean her?". Can also be used as a verb when you are beating someone. E.g. "Get beaned."
"Dude that chicks a 2. I defo wouldn't bean."
"Get beaned bro"
"Oi dude, check out that chick, she would get the bean."
by JLoh_Loh October 16, 2017
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a spinning thing that is meant for people with ADHD but some idiots use it as well. also referred to as autistic shurikien
person:"Hey nice fidget spinner, can I have a go?"
person2:"Fuck off"
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by a kind of cool doughnut May 18, 2017
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A word usually written on important documents or something like that, but you write it slowly. And in front of the document's owner to scare them into thinking you're going to write FUCK on it. So as you write it they see this: (F) "What are you writing?" (U) "Waiit..." (C) "NO DONT!!" and then finally you veeeeerrrry slowly drawing the supposed K line but turn it into a D instead.
You muther phucker you wrote "FUCD" instead of "FUCK" you rat bath-turd I swear to dear lord Buddha I will mutilate your urethra.
by TheLeftinator November 02, 2016
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Flagnogg can be used to describe that giddy feeling you get when you and your friends start randomly laughing over nothing or you can use it as a cuss word. You can also describe a perfect sunny day as a flagnogg day. These days are usually spent outside.
FLAGNOGG! That hurt so bad!
Hahaha I'm so flagnogg rn!! Hahaha
Wow. What a flagnogg day it's been.
by Grandmagotranoverbyareindeer December 13, 2016
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a short indian boy who is extremely annoying and does not give a fuck.
hello paranjay
by chaboiskinnypenis December 07, 2017
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A person whose favorite letter is the Capital "N" Ms.Kim loves to fuck up 6th graders life if they whisper behind her small ass back. Her eyes are virtually invisible and she works for the Korean Government. Her dad is Kim Jong Un and her mom is dead. She post disturbing photos on FaceBook and is often called the fucking leader of the fucking science teachers. She was born an accident and was placed in a nuclear launcher and was launched to the USA. She is now 33 years old with 2 kids and a half bald husband. she does not know how to rock that body.
Fuck MS.Kim and her non existent asshole.
Thank you.
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by DickMom March 04, 2017
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Fuck Tonight.

So when you see those hoes on snapchat saying on their story: "Who wanna ft?" They tryna fuck.
"Hey who wanna ft?"
"Yeah bitch, I'm down to fuck."
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by Bubba Butthole December 10, 2017
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