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Though the exact meaning of dabadee cannot be expressed in mere human words, the meaning lies somewhere between "oh well" and "it's all good". Typically used when things are FUBAR, dabadee is a way to shake it off and carry on.
professor: "You only attended 2 classes the whole semester. I'm afraid I'm going to have to fail you."
you: "Dabadee" *shrugs shoulders *walks out
by fubarGTFO123 July 03, 2016

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To perform shotty or messy work that will result in additional complications for others at a later time.
Don't fucktricate my network.
He totally fucktricated that project. Now I have to defucktricate it on my own.
by ThatOneGuyWhoAddsStuff September 27, 2018

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To send sensitive information to an large group of people (most likely the entire company) who should not have access to it.
I have a list of all of our company's sensitive-information, but I just keblered it and sent it to company-all mailing list!
by patdan January 04, 2018

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When something is so fucked up its fuckered up
I just finished building the wall, But it looks all fuckered up!
by MrEMan Mike M (MEM) June 14, 2019

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