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Friendzone: "A state of being where a male inadvertently becomes a 'platonic friend' of an attractive female whom he was trying to intitate a romantic relationship."

The penpalzone is an even crueler fate. Not only does your would-be-significant-other consign you to a sad asexual existence, they also block any meetings in person to prevent any non platonic scenarios from arising, while still maintaining a "relationship" through texting or any other non-face to face communication.
If you're in the friendzone, don't complain about it or you may be relegated to the penpalzone. A life of loneliness and depression awaits you.
by Cuddlesthesexybeast September 02, 2016

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When a friend blocks another friend out of a situation, or doesn't give another friend their desired friendliness.
Jack opened but didn't reply to Charlie's Snapchat. Chumzoned!
by Thankyouonceagain May 17, 2018

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Basicaly the type of a guy that always gets friendzoned
Hey! Did nedeljko get friendzoned again?
by Givemewather January 12, 2018

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If a girl says this to you, look up friendzone
Girl: Ok talk to you in the morning goodnight bud
Boy: *holding back tears* ok yeah goodnight
by Ethan140 April 08, 2017

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When you like a girl but she doesn't know it and your in the friendzone. She confides in you. You hang out. Party. You're an accessory.
I liked the girl and we hung out a lot but I was always her handbag when we'd go out and she'd talk about other guys. She didn't know I was into her though, I kept it platonic.
by Lilbeau July 29, 2017

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Eddie who?
Eddie eddie.
Awww mr steal yo girl?
by Urbandtam. October 27, 2017

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Someone who'll never be good enough, ironically it means victor
Her: Why won't you get a girlfriend?
Him: I'm afraid
Her: Why so?
Him: Can't help it, I'm such a Galib, I'd be kept in friendzone
by w33bLoRd June 10, 2019

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