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A person you are close with of the same or opposite sex. You may be attracted to this person whose your buddy, and can talk to them about anything. A friendlyn is someone you love more than all your other friendships.
Her: Do you want to hang out?!
Im not sure what's going on!

Her: Come on Friendalyn
by Lyrix Cabrera June 13, 2019

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Leah is a person you never want to lose. She is there for you no matter what. She hates it when people call themselves ugly and will instantly fight u for it XD. She is insanely beautiful inside and out and you should never lose her. She has a weirdly strong connection with goats XD. Your very lucky to have a friend like Leah and if you date her NEVER lose her.
Leah is a beautiful girl never lose her.
by ugly and lonely January 26, 2019

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A friend of yours or a brother
Man1: Yo bro!!
Man2: Hey!!
by Maximus Hugo Wong is gay November 10, 2018

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BiTyn , Is A Type Of Person That Would Randomly Go Up To People And Smack Their Face With The Back Of Their Hand And Scream YOOT! Meaning They Want To Be Friends And Stay With Them Forever.
Billy : Hey Dood.
Bob : Hi. Uhm I Have A Question.
Billy : What Is It?
Bob : Uh , The First Time We Met , Why Did You Smack Me And Yell YOOT?
Billy : Oh Its A Thing Some People Do! It Means They Want To Be Friends And Stay With Them Forever!
Bob : Oh. So Its A Type Of Person?
Billy : YEP! Its Called BiTyn.
Bob : Oh.

.Boom Defined.
by Jubie-Jub August 13, 2018

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A powerful word stating whoever named Lamia will always love a person named Dena more and that can never be changed.
Dena: I love you more! Don’t fight with me!

Lamia: Nah fam, I love you more and you can’t fight because of the power of lamena.
Dena: ugh fine you win
by uwubot June 14, 2018

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A perfect state of friendship. An ideal state of friendship between two pals in Serbia who call each other SIDRO. "Sidro" means an anchor, meaning the two friends provide each other with stability, comfort and support. Be a SIDRO don't be a MAČ!
Our sidrority is better than yours, damn right it's better than yours.
by nemonobody88 March 29, 2017

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A very close friend who knows you inside and out and therefore has the power to cut you to the quick out of no where, catching you off guard and consequently causes you to question your very existence and doubt said friendship.
We're having a lovely conversation and out of no where she's such a zapper!
by TDogShades December 14, 2016

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