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For when you and a friend kiss/oral, but aren't partners or a couple.. yet
Yeah me and Taylor are only 'Mouth Friends'
by UrbanDictionaryOfficial2 April 13, 2017

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A Group of Idiots who play games together who know nothing about the games they are playing and embarrass the gaming community
Jerry and his Friends are a bunch of YAKNoodles
by DaNoodler September 24, 2017

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The opening words to the hit sitcom “Friends” these few words provoke nostalgia in the mind of millions
Friend 1:I’ll be there for youuuuuuu
Friend 2:Cause your there for me too
by Ross is better than Joey January 27, 2019

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Malaesha is a very shy person at first. She has a thick skin and is hard to make friends with. It is worth it when you do make friends with her because she is one of the best ones. She is loyal and will always be dependable. She is funny and easy to makes jokes around. She has her own jokes as well which you need to be careful because you might laugh too hard and have a heart attack. She is able to have serious talks with whether it be about your feelings, politics, or other things.
I miss Malaesha.
by DjPartyHouseBoss January 24, 2019

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Best guy u will ever meet
I wish a had a friend like Taevies.
by His Bsf May 01, 2018

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means oh no, or that you messed up
Ooof I messed up on my paper for school.
via giphy
by haileyhanson187@gmail.com December 04, 2018

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a homie or friend
steven: yo joey, you’re my vageen you know that right?
joey: yeah of course i do buddy
by dazee November 14, 2018

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