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good friends
i hope one day we all move into a mansion and have chomes house...
by lydiogames September 16, 2017
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For when you and a friend kiss/oral, but aren't partners or a couple.. yet
Yeah me and Taylor are only 'Mouth Friends'
by UrbanDictionaryOfficial2 April 13, 2017
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A Group of Idiots who play games together who know nothing about the games they are playing and embarrass the gaming community
Jerry and his Friends are a bunch of YAKNoodles
by DaNoodler September 24, 2017
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A Kamaren is a girl who is kind of shy and won't really talk to you unless she wants to. But if you are Kamarens friend you will see the other side of them. On the outside they are kind, Quiet, Beautiful but on the inside Mean, loud , and has a ugly heart at times.
Random Boy : Man I wish that I was one of Kamaren's Friends :(

One of Kamaren's Friends : NOOO YOU DON'T MAN SHE'S EVIL
by KenoBTSJin December 10, 2017
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Courtney Shum is the cutest and most funny person in the world!! She has a great personality and a BEAUTIFUL smile. She is really hot and pretty and everyone loves her. If your having a bad day, Courtney Shum will make your day turn around into the best day in the world!!! All the boys are in love with Courtney Shum and they are all fighting to be her boyfriend. She is also the most popular girl in the whole world, everybody loves Courtney Shum!! If you don’t know her. . . well, COURTNEY SHUM IS THE BEST PERSON IN THE WORLD!!!!! AND YOU NEED TO BECOME FRIENDS WITH HER RIGHT NOW THIS INSTANT!!!!!
Anna- “ Who’s Courtney Shum?”
Emily- “ Oh, she is just the BEST PERSON EVER!!!!! You should definitely be friends with her!”

Anna- “ WOW she sounds AWESOME!!! I will become friends with her!!”
by Da best person ever January 09, 2018
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Louis is pretty good. He has a lot of friends and loves to drink beer.
Louis? Well hes pretty good!
by The Ginga Ninja 17756 December 11, 2017
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The most awesome combo since peanut butter and jelly
Brandon and dylan are the bees knees
by Name t aint it November 01, 2017
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