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A person who is capable of perking up any place. With her enthusiasm, hilariously silly jokes and a great big smile, she's able to cheer anyone up. Her wonderful creative brain could result in some peculiar situations but she always means it well and has a big heart. Farzia has a groomed appearance but can be can sensual when the timing is right, even if she feels insecure about her looks sometimes, she has nothing to worry about. Farzia is ambitious and willing to work hard. Most of all, she's incredibly loyal. Anyone having her as a friend should consider themselves lucky and grateful for having Farzia in their life. Also, she has the kind of boobs that most people can only dream of.
"This party doesn't even need decorations, we have Farzia!"
by 9chat May 10, 2017

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A name that you give to a friend; meaning weird uncle.
Hey shmuncle D!
gn shmuncle.
by yocheesedue2day July 09, 2017

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People who never give up on you and people who make you happy. You can count on these people to make you laugh even in your worst mood.
My friends and I made the teacher mad in Social Studies so we got a lunch detention.
by bootsbot123 February 10, 2018

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Something I will never have
I wish I had a friend
by Socially awkward June 25, 2017

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A reason to live.
He's my friend
via giphy
by hhysjdncs November 26, 2017

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Someone you can share details of your sex life with, without it being weird.
Only a true friendship could withstand conversation including the intimate details of their kinky sex.
by Who needs a real pseudonym January 01, 2017

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