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Legit best friends, name for friends
Heyyyyy boolis!
“You are my boolis”
by thelegitpersonhere December 07, 2017
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People who never give up on you and people who make you happy. You can count on these people to make you laugh even in your worst mood.
My friends and I made the teacher mad in Social Studies so we got a lunch detention.
by bootsbot123 February 10, 2018
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When two close friends fuck
Me and Patty where caught goofen around behind the barn
by My dog's red rocket December 31, 2016
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A reason to live.
He's my friend
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by hhysjdncs November 26, 2017
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An App that you can do Lip Sync, food, and stuff like that
A friend of mine told me to download musical.ly

Musical.ly is Cringe

Musical.ly is lit af
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by Bakeziri November 13, 2017
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A mispelling of friend.
“ Hey friden, how are you doing?”

“Do you mean friend?”
“Oh yeah sorry, I was texting in a hurry.”
by friendlygoatdogthing November 09, 2017
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Giga Twiga: A close friend and/or family member.
Yo my giga Twiga! How has life been my good friend?
by Lolup March 19, 2017
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