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Français is French in French.
Je parle Français.
by Amazing Ava Is Not On Fire February 03, 2017

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Is a French word for cottage or more specially a cottage around the alps. Still in some cases it may refer to any cottage. One important thing to remember is that the t at the end is not pronounce.
Marcus is taking his girlfriend to his chalet near St. Moritz.
by Earl of Warwick July 07, 2017

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Means high quality, litarly blue ribbon. A possible explanation of the orgin of the words meaning is that at competions in France the winner would get a blue ribbon, hence blue ribbon became to be associatied with the best.
Marcus: Last month I went to a nice little bistroesque restaurant on the hilltop overlooking the city, had an exquisite Buridda (Italian dish from Liguria), accompanied with an equally fine wine and a fabulous date.

Jacques: So, in other words a dinner cordon bleu

Marcus: Pretty much
by Earl of Warwick July 22, 2017

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french for between us. Used to indicate that what you are going to say is strictly confidential
Entre nous I think your sister is a condescending twit.
by Earl of Warwick July 07, 2017

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