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Camila's are the sexiest, but usually seems innocent and shy at first, but once you get to know her she can get really crazy, but let me tell you.. it's a fun kind of crazy. She also likes dressing elegant/classy but sexy at the same time. She is attracted to bad boys and is very curious, but she tries not to be too nosy. She likes observing people and is always up for new adventures. She's also really creative. And knows what she wants, once she sets her mind set on something she won't stop trying till she gets it. She is a great and loyal friend. And she's secretly kinky and dirty minded, but she won't show it till she's sure you deserve that side of her.
"who is that ?, she is so shy but i bet she's a real freak"
"oh thats Camila"
by #imsippinteainyohood September 22, 2017

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A girl who will do anything her daddy pleases most frequently given to the freaky types
Your daddy's slut aren't you
by Daddy_Caden June 06, 2017

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When your two dumbest friends are in the same place at the same time.
Gavin and Jacob are coming to this party. Oh no, the Snoon effect will arrive.
by Zr0theBard June 17, 2018

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