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When fans of a sport, usually football (soccer) cause mayhem after a match
When they won it was complete fanarchy

Fanarchy in the streets after their team won the cup

He trashed the pub in a moment of fanarchy
by Cosmicwatchmaker July 08, 2018

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A large oafish man who is probably homosexual
Damn the boy on the oline for Columbia is a real siteman
by Sasasiteman January 18, 2018

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Is a great football player usually girls dream about him but he is a player and haves dreams he will go to the NFL
Girl : I wish I had laeron

Lae a lot of girls do
by Laeron August 01, 2017

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To collect and return the football when it goes out of play.
John is ballboying today for Chelsea
by Jasonfive7 September 17, 2017

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When the coaches kid plays the whole time no matter if they suck or is good. And won't let any other kid try for the position their kids is in even if they might be better.
Looks like another season of daddy football.
via giphy
by Footballmom4life April 19, 2018

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A NFL team that sucks and needs a real qb
The Chicago Bears still really suck!
by Footballfan7285 January 26, 2017

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