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A bad nut
I was eating my peanuts when I discovered a bahnut
by Mr Dove February 11, 2019

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a person who eats a lot of food but never gains any weight
"Shaimun you want pizza?"
"Hell ya!"
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by DaughterofVenus March 14, 2017

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McDonalds Fries are potato strips that have been deep fried and have a flavor thats simply to die for.

Describing a food item in an equivalent way as to describe something as "awesome sauce"
(noun ex.) Person: want fries?
Me: Nah fuck that, unless they're McDonald fries.

(Adj. ex.) Me: Man, this steak is McD fries
by MiloIsDope May 17, 2017

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Anything that is edible. A food source.
Hey wanna head to the cafeteria to get some fawf.
by Yaboitoimochino November 05, 2018

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When someone takes a dump and consumes coffee and breakfast at the same time.
Ethan I need the bathroom! What are you doing?
Good morning God bless Hila!
It's a good morning God bless Hila!
What are you doing?
*opens door*
What do you just open the door on people when they're taking shits? I'm doing a good morning God bless! I need another 20 minutes at least.
by réeeee May 22, 2018

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To be low in quality and rarely good. Often used in relevance to food.
Those burgers from the restaurant are sodexo.
by Macro_the_Acro February 14, 2019

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When you have a meal at one restaurant, followed immediately by a second meal at another restaurant.
"I'm stuffed. I did a double banger today. I may never eat again."
by JackieJeremies September 05, 2017

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