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Cute things in a relationship such as cuddles and kisses, not sexual.
"What happened last night"
"Nothing much just some fluff"
by fluffyflufffluff September 23, 2017

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Floof is a cute way of saying fluff, and if you hug someone floofy, they might floof up!

It's what floofy persons do when they they are nervous, to attract someone, or just for fun!
Huggable guy: (hugs wolf)
Wolf: (floofs up)

Person 1: my cat is floofy!
Person 2: Hell yeah!
by GamerGuyAwesomeSause March 05, 2019

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A person who is the utter embodiment of adorable and sweet and kind.
Wow, the little girl is such a fluff.
by Gaode1010 February 18, 2017

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It’s a big fluffer.
That’s a big fluffer!
by Hahakkak June 23, 2018

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roofus is a word generally used by no life’s that can’t call their cat something normal. often used to act retarded in a way of sense.
hiya roofus you cutie! fluffy ape!
by d3adlyxs0ld13r February 10, 2018

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A term used in Anime/Hentai to describe Sperm. Actual Human Cum
He's... Uh... FLUFFing all over me!
by The7thComrade July 26, 2017

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