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Florida ice is the term used in the Southeast for the dangerously slippery road conditions that occur immediately after rain begins and grease and oil rise to the top of the just-wet road. After enough rain, the oil and grease are washed away and the road has better traction.
Rental car companies love the rainy season because of the business they get due to Florida ice.
by Gulfgirl January 18, 2017

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Dumbway is basically referring to downtown Florida🤙🏽
Guy : oh u from West Palm (Florida) ,Which part
Guy #2 : I stay downtown, dumbway shit 🤙🏽😬
by OfficialRissy June 13, 2018

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The act of falling asleep or getting knocked out after a fight etc.
Ky: Yo jit was completely slump(ed) yesterday
Me: That’s what he get for staying up all night
by Wavvy-bloodsuckka January 08, 2019

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Someone or something that lives in Florida.
My friend Naya is a fellow member of the floradorian squad!
Wow Hailey, you never told me you live in Florida, now I know you're a floradorian!
by X_x_N_o_t_J_a_s_o_n_x_X420 July 28, 2018

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