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A flop
Ciara is a flop
by Icy Wyte December 10, 2016

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1. an unsuccessful joke; a joke that doesn't result in laughter

2. a person who makes unsuccessful jokes; a person who is a meme

1. to make an unsuccessful joke; to make a joke that doesn't result in laughter

NOTE: Sometimes blorks are funny because they are blorks, but not because the initial joke was funny.
(n1) Ella had the biggest blork in front of her boyfriend's parents; the room was totally silent.

The jokes about race at the Oscars were such blorks, don't you think?

(n2) Over the past couple years, Katy Perry has become a total blork.

(v1) Dude, I heard Becky blorked on live television!
by Maeva Block May 24, 2018

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