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Ellie is an amazing friend though usually wants everyone to herself. She loves to flirt and usually falls for the bad boy type .she may pretend she doesn’t like it when he hugs her but secretly she loves it . Ellie can get most boys she wants and is very pretty and gorgeous. Be careful though , get on her bad side and everyone will be turned against you . If you have an Ellie in your life love her dearly and never let her go .
Ellie is stunning isn’t she !
by Mixerxox January 02, 2018

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A strong person. Could be a flirt or sleep around at times but always has a strong heart
That girl can be such a showens
by Biggie74 May 20, 2018

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While at a party, you spy a larger woman. She is alone and seems to feel out of place, so you approach her and compliment her to make her feel wanted without any intentions of taking her home.
“Wow that was really nice of you to approach Tina and make her feel comfortable” “I just used the fat girl flirt, works every time”
by smitbrro November 01, 2017

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Schnoodle: (verb)To flirt in a cute, playful, and innocent way. Its often gross to witness
Mom, dad, don't Schnoodle in front if me. It's disgusting.
by NEWLEZ TRUSILE December 26, 2016

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