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Posturing in a display of power and status to assert dominance over weaker, beta males, particularly in situations or contexts that rappers often find themselves. To maximize, inflate and obscenely flaunt one's strength, aggression, wealth, style, and pussy crushing ability to a degree that haters cower and feel less of a man in your presence.
"Come drink tequila in my VIP cabana pool" commanded the rapper to the set of hot Asian sluts, Flexin' Hard on some pussy-ass little boys and taking their bitches, shitting all over their day at Wet Republic.
by Filth Ninja January 23, 2018

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A very specific variety of online flex in which a woman reposts or brings attention to a meme "roasting" men for having unrealistic, idealized, and overly sexualized expectations of women and, while agreeing to the premise of the post, also subtly points out that she meets or exceeds all of those unrealistic expectations.
Annie was really bopeeping with her retweets today on her priv.
by reply guy February 28, 2019

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A person who flexes any chance they get, and consider every situation an opportunity to flex.
Dick is so dysflexic, I told him about how my dad died in a car crash the other day then he started telling me about how he hadn’t gotten into a single accident since he got his license.
by JBlade97 January 06, 2019

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The extent to which an item may be used to flex on others
Yo them chains got mad flex value
by Protegent December 02, 2017

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Gigi is flex
" who is that girl"
" Her name is Gigi, she can split on your dick because she's so flex"
by Netflexxxx May 02, 2018

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TheLlamaX is known as a fortnite youtuber and stream sniper to his friends that are next to him...
he is also known as a person that like to flex on his builds and his locker
TheLlamax likes to flex
by The urban helper June 10, 2019

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