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A type of person who would fall for someone instantly but is flawless doesn't take L's,a bad bitch, she has a great personality if you break your friendship she will ruin you she's shy but you meet her she's loud funny and has these jokes you could laugh at for days .She could make your guy fall for her .Has brown hair honey eyes ,not too fat not too skinny,but tall but not too tall
Luis:I love her already

Omar: who Clarissa she's one year younger than you

Luis:so she's hot
by She_slays_boys November 21, 2017

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A best friend that understands everything you do. She can relate to many things because she is very strong and she's very energetic. When Aliyah crosses your mind, you can think of craziness and happiness, or someone to talk to when you are mentally breaking down. She's loves doing outdoor activities or anything that gets her running. She encourages people to be active and to be happy. Aliyah will brighten your mood and make you feel happy. She's very pretty and you will remember her deep ocean blue green eyes.
Aliyah is the most gorgeous girl I've seen.
by ????? June 20, 2018

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Hadley is a term for never ending sexiness. She is a legendary icon with a wide personality and laughs way to easily.She’s stunning and flawless and when people try to push her down it doesn’t work. People are jealous of her fame and popularity. Commonly known as an incredible person that everyone wants to be around. She is sometimes insecure but doesn’t show it. Always confident in her choices and although she seems like a goodie, there’s always a dirty bad side to her that she brings out for humor. She’s different from every other girl and has a bold yet beautiful fashion sense. She’s extraordinarily beautiful and is always smiley. She receives compliments everyday and they’re commonly “gorgeous, stunning, hot, beautiful, flawless, encouraging”. People only understand the potential she has when they really get to know her. She loves it when people ask her questions about her life which seems self centered but I mean doesn’t everybody. She has common sense and is very funny. She uses everything to her power and has confidence in everything. She knows all of the real world problems, every kardashians name, and knows the latest shit. Very sexy sometimes can be referred to as a prostitute, but she takes it as a compliment. People will try to compete with her but everyone knows there isn’t any competition due to Hadley being on a higher level.
Damn is that your girlfriend Hadley?!
by Advancedwriter304 May 13, 2018

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a very pretty girl. that has great talents. and she overides with all you other hoes. and she can surely beat some ass. and she doesnt care who she hurts in the process if she is fighting for her best friend. just saying dont fuck with her
makinzie sue blanchard slays.
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by Makinzie August 26, 2017

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