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Peng ting called Maddison
by Yeet121 April 19, 2018

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Really fit nice and has beautiful blonde sexy hair
Connie - fit
by Lala lad February 17, 2019

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He’s a big sexy beast that can take any girl he wants. He’s can make any girl squirt in the bedroom. Finally he’s amazing
Harry is fit
by Harry Wagstaff November 06, 2018

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Owen Taylor is a highly sophisticated specimen and one of many talents. This genius could play a high intensity game of baseball, curl 1000 kg weights and bake an exquisite cake, that would put Mary Berry to shame, all in 10 seconds. His academic prowess rises him above all others and he never ceases to impress and amaze though he has never led his blinding talents get in the way of his amazing friendliness and modesty. He is the best friend you could wish for but also, with his balls of steel, he is the best lover you could wish for. His rock hard abs are an inspiration to all and will make all of the girls flock. Owen is so incredibly kind that he is too afraid to accept the women’s admiration for him. He could be riding a girl and slapping them silly and STILL not admit their obvious affection towards him. He is the perfect balance between the best porn star and the best scientist. He is the nicest person you will ever meet and is the best friend you could hope for. He is somewhat clueless and quirky but this is only because of his obvious disregard of the advances of loveable girls and that’s what makes him special. No one can deny that he is both the best friend that you have always wanted and the boyfriend that girls have always needed. Girls want him; guys want to be him. A guy who plays sport, looks good, has abs, is intelligent and highly friendly, kind and amusing is definitely the best king of guy. Could you ask for more?
I wish I was that guy... must be an Owen Taylor
by Joe Cawthorn July 19, 2018

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Mostly used by young people in Dublin means that someone is good looking of fit.
Oh my god have you seen Jack, ugh he’s such a feek
by I’m broken February 04, 2018

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A good looking lass/a fit lass
That lass looks absolute spice
by Absolute spice January 05, 2018

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