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a sierra hinson is a Grimmlin creature Who is very fat and will eat anything in its tracks. It usually will go after anything with a dick, and also has a smelly vagina that pets can’t help but go after her dirty pants.
why is that cat sniffing those pants?

oh, well those are sierra‘s pants and they often like the smell of fish.

I was walking through the mall and happened to see a Sierra Hinson.

hurry up and get animal control on the phone.

where did all the food go in the kitchen?

Sierra came over and ate every little crumb, she wonders why she so fat
by dontplaywme February 12, 2018

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A type of fish only found in bangladesh
Samiha are rare and taste sour
by Yeetonthebleach6969 July 25, 2018

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A human who has the appearance of a fish
Oi mate, why you stinking up my hole with your pong. A rathip like you should crawl back to the stagnant pool you came from.
by Portculis September 06, 2018

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Gay fish
Yo you so brezeé
by Yoyoma12345678 June 20, 2017

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So gay that he has to deny it.
He just denied he's gay. Such a Cody.
by Hahahhahahahahahhahahahhaha July 12, 2017

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a male who fantasises over ruds (fish) and fondling him self with them and he also has a potato(spud) head
aww whatare you doing with them fish you rudthespud

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When you so woke you fuck a lobster and then eat it with the following cum shot.
We are going to Max's house for Real crustacean hour and it's going to be lit fam.
by hiterchan October 15, 2018

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