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A black girl who is on fire for Jesus
Man you see that girl preaching the Gospel, she is definitely a Gertrude
by HeIsALive December 19, 2016

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Friends With Attitude.... Is a very good and popular rap group, based out of Bharleston. They're one of the best memes on the planet

Popular songs include the goofy song, the Emory song, and the I'm selling memes in yo hood song

Members Include - E-MUNY$$, Keshi-Kong, CinnaBoyz, Finn the Finneser, Special K, Hype God, Pac-Man, Scout Master Steve, DJ BEANER,
1 - Yo, did you hear that new F.W.A. track?
2 - Yeah dude, it was fire.
by E-MUNY$$ February 18, 2017

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A slang word for a volunteer fire department because of the perception volunteers "tick" or steal union jobs. Often used by union firefighters who are also volunteers.
"I can't wait for my kelly day so I can hang out at my tick house!"
by FFTF1FF February 08, 2017

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Man of flames, james the flames, found in the flames beneath hell, fire fists
omg some one james costigan the school! its up in flames
by mamamonkeyman December 20, 2017

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Something that is both weird and hot (sizzling).
That gamer chick you're dating certainly is a weizzling find!
by HarveyRabbit October 04, 2018

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