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1. The ability to get something with ease through the skilled use of charisma and persuasion.

2. Spontaneous utterance when something works out in your favor.
"I just strummed that girl's number"

"Dude hooked it up with free food"
by ha7un May 26, 2018

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To be able to scam, steal, or trick someone without them knowing.
Pronunciation: FIN- EH- SSSS
"I'm going to finesse her for that cookie."
"I finessed my mom for money."
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by Panda67 January 12, 2018

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To finesse; usually in terms of fraudulent activity
I just gleesed this boa for 5k.
by Gleeser October 20, 2017

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Chris is a finesse god
"boonk gang whole lotta gang shit" "Chris can finesse anyone"
by feni god August 08, 2017

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The act of finessing, taking, and or coming up on.
“I went to the flea market and some bitches took notice of my finessage.”
by Jschneid November 02, 2017

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Another term for finesse; to shift quickly away from a place/conversation; to scheme
Hannah: I got to skid diddly bop my way out of this party.
Shea: Yeah I need to finesse my way out too.
by Hann.Jobs March 08, 2017

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