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Best friend
You want to fight bsf
by Kiahhh February 24, 2018

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martin van buren is a the littest school in queens and nobody can beat van in a fight.
Girl1: Where does the girl who wants to fight you go ?
Girl2: She goes to Martin Van Buren High School.
Girl1: Oh that’s bad for business your going to get jumped.
by lovaboi_dj February 03, 2018

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Scottish for- fighting, arguing or drama
Here me and Iona had hefty screps last night. That's why I have a buckled cheek
by Amy53320 June 07, 2018

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When you want to beat someone up
I'll burst your pipes if you don't shut up!
by gracekdjfns December 20, 2016

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Slang for figh/fighting
"Aye are you gonna buck me or not"
"Yesterday javon bucked Malachi"
by TheVeryUrbanRoadman April 07, 2019

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Too knock someone out, or beat there ass, always involves knocking the other person to the ground.
I'll scrape that dude
by Jburris January 07, 2019

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Beating someone’s whole ass
“Y’all know Emily? I was bouta wrap that bitch the other day fr, she was pissing me off.”
by gabby c July 07, 2018

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