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she is a beautiful girl who has a fatty and has brown hair and blond tips and is very tall .she will have a great guy usually starting with the letter "A".anybody will be lucky to have her as a best friend .she is very very very shy at first but u will get used to it lol.
"wow! there goes Natalie Gladwell with her boyfriend and best friend .wish i was her"
by somerandomgirl0909 January 31, 2018

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A word that means Fat Ass Mom
You're a fam
by VoteYosh June 02, 2017

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a fat cocoa puff that eats calories for a living and drinks melted butter for a living. He does rituals naked in the woods with cheezdoodle wrappers as his clothing and when the ritual is complete he will turn into his true form CLEVELAND BROWN JR
*walks into store*


*Baldwin proceeds to eat all fucking chicken nuggets in history*

Baldwin:gO aWaY!!!!!!!
by lilnutstain June 19, 2018

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Insult to a person when they are being annoying, or negative.
"I love running."- Bolt
"I hate running and losing to you."- Jake
"Don't be a Fatty Pad!"- Bolt
by TheDuggarsSideHug September 13, 2016

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