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its biggest animal ever discovered, or its and insult for people who weigh more than a blue whale.
you fat wallo
by will is fat February 23, 2018

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An extremely Fat guy.
That Guys Matt
by TheHumanRhino May 27, 2018

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Tyler fat kid who likes seymour
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by VGbeatzYT August 21, 2017

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A fat fuck
John: I am kenskey today!
Nick: Holy shit you are fat.
by Nathanieltveiten January 18, 2018

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Often found in Victoria the stinkin linkin can also be found Mcdonalds, KFC and krispy kremes.
the word stinkin is a slang word for stinking and linkin means a chubby loser, so stinking-chubby loser.
the stinkin linkin pushed front of the Mcdonald's line
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A smart fat kid that is half Mexican and American.

A fatass
Whoa! Jose Trejo is fat and smart.
by Galaxy Mexican July 06, 2017

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A Mexican boy with a lot of weight on him and cant wait for lunch time in 36 minutes
James: Hey look Omar's fat
Omar: bruh chill
by Jabrkjfg January 17, 2017

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