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A term to describe a group of fat people doing something productive. For example, a group of piggy-powered people could be running a campaign to stop selling high-fat butter.
Wow, those piggy-powered fucks are trying to get fit.
by The Hink-Finker March 28, 2017
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A fat bastard who usually can't touch or see his toes
What a fucking josh or the Kung fu panda was a bit of a josh
by Seallover67 November 14, 2016
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Fatass with no life and likes to eat alot of KFC he is fat and dumb and is bald and sucks dick
Yo Matthew Get your fatass over here.
by 123Usuck September 21, 2016
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Tyler fat kid who likes seymour
via giphy
by VGbeatzYT August 21, 2017
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Fat Sweaty rat
Fat sweaty rat meaning is basic it's just a guy called blurze who thinks he's a god at gfx
by Blurze March 01, 2017
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Another word for fake pregnancy. A megan normally hides the fact that they are fat by saying they're pregnant.
wow you're such a megan
by JaykeRees02 January 19, 2018
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I fat ass named branson
To laugh at a paptoe
by Pantie101 February 15, 2017
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