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A low pitched fart.
My friend sally bwaps a lot.
by Artsicle June 05, 2017

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A household that generally allows open farting as the norm. Farts are not held in with members of the household.
Jennifer comes from a fart tolerant household.
by SouthernSpeedo May 12, 2017

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A frap is fart that sounds like the anus cheeks are flapping about. Oneself can say the word frap before they have released gas or after
Damn Jeff I really need a frap.
Woah that was a huge frap
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by MR_Sir March 09, 2018

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Greek word for "fart".
Don't eat too much of that chili, otherwise you will Pritz all night!
by twinkie75 October 01, 2017

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A weird word of a fart
Who hoobooed?!
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by JEABBBBB May 05, 2018

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another word for fart
ewww his boof smells bad!
by cheiekdbnnbbn July 12, 2018

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When a person can’t control the noise coming out of their butt.
My husband often has a case of tootrettes, it’s so embarrassing when it hits in a public place.
by Sarah Junko December 02, 2017

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