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When a fandom is conflicted about a ship. Half the fandom wants the characters to be together, the other half hates the mere idea of it.
"Man, I just can't understand how people ship Sangwoo and Yoon bum."
"Dude, that's because it's a hsiandhfoab.
by Eli-Fag August 22, 2017

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Fandom is being a fan of a subculture that is imaginative. Things like football, soccer and Taylor Swift are not fandoms.
"I'm in the fandom of football."

"No you're not."
by youcanonlypretend August 15, 2018

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An Approval Nod is where one or two more people spot another person wearing merchandise from their favourite thing such as:
Linkin Park shirts
Marvel or DC
And then they share a secret nod of approval, acknowledging one another existence and then leaving their lives forever.
Only fans will understand how it feels too see another fan in the streets and lose all contact with that person.
Fan1:*Sees fan of (Enter in Fandom)*
Fan2: Acknowledges Fan 1 exists*
Fan1:*gives the Approval Nod and walks off*
Fan2:*gives the Approval Nod and secretly fan(Gender) inside knowing there's more of them out there*
via giphy
by RedRaccoon July 08, 2016

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