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An extreme fan who loves a movie, tv show, a character, a game, etc. This person doesn’t care if what they like sucks. They are usually so toxic towards people who have different opinions of something they like.
Jesus Christ! Jimmy is such a fanboy.
by The Open Window Maniac January 18, 2018

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A Fangirl is a human who identifies as female and is obsessed with certain fandoms they will often get extremely triggered at people who judge their fandom or mess up information about their fandom. They will sometimes become violent and hostile if angered. Fangirls are similar to fanboy(s) and will either heavily lean towards one fandom or multiple at a time.
"Wow, look at her she's such a fangirl."
"She is. I mean she's pretty and all but last time I was with a Fangirl my ears nearly fell off from listing to her talk about Harry Potter."
"Man why is it always about a relationship with u?"
by Ran_Into_A_Wall July 30, 2018

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