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Someone who checks all the boxes to be pretty but, when you put it all together, it doesn't really work. From far away they're really pretty but, the closer up you get, you're able to see the flaws in their artificial beauty. All their attractiveness is fake, so it's not actually pretty.

The box checker is known to have weekly appointments at the tanning salon, dye their hair the lightest shade of bleach blonde, own every push-up bra from Victoria's Secret, and have long fake nails. Is a frequent user of both the Facetune app and the crown Snapchat filter. The most extreme box checkers have used plastic surgery to change that A-cup to a DD, which surprised literally no one.

Box checkers are typically very open sexually and, to your dismay, have hooked up with your biggest crush, older brother, and hot third cousin. But even though they've hooked up with all these people, they are ALWAYS single because who would want to date the girl with fake boobs and chlamydia. While they never have a problem going home with someone, they are all understood as "undatable."
Nate: I think Brittany's kind of pretty but something's off.
Lisa: Oh my god she's such a box checker. Her makeup is so caked on and her tan is totally fake. Also no way that's her natural hair color.
by highschoolhero November 13, 2017

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a fake friend or someone who isn't loyal
"Wow I can't believe Kimberly is friends with those rats! They don't even know the definition of friendship or how to treat friends like they deserve."
by jiminyougotnojams January 01, 2017

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A person who talks shit about someone and acts like they don’t like them either, then goes and hangs out with them.
She was literally talking shit about her and now they’re bff’s. What a hipocrite.
by user7891 July 27, 2018

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A "Not a Real Mexican" Is a Mexican that embraces their heritage and speaks Spanish but was not born in Mexico.
that person isn't a real Mexican he is a not a real mexican
by JOhnnnny apple May 29, 2018

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Not even real
Girl: So I was talking to Quyen...
Guy: Imaginary friends again?
by Attached March 09, 2017

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A fake friend and a great friend that loves The Flash and Supergirl.Also very silly and funny.She is kind and loving. She like to make stupid decision making with boys.She Is very smart.
Itzel you are so fake
by Byhtrdgbtf April 05, 2018

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The fakest school you will ever go to
everyone at chehalis middle school can go fuck themselves
by badbabegirl May 24, 2018

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