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To ruin something but with extra emphasis.
I spilt coffee on my shirt and it breadruined my whole day.
by emmacake May 13, 2019

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When your trying to say unsubscribe but your high af
Town: Guys we made a new youtube channel
StrawVerryDani: No onxyscribe from it now
by Town#9545 on Discord March 25, 2019

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When a company creates a public relations campaign that fails so hard, they end up shooting themselves in the foot
Have you seen the utter PR fail that is Lush UK?
by naked_ravens June 11, 2018

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To ruin something due to incompetence; to mess up; to fail at something; to fail despite hubris
Wow you really detzeled that database. Do you really have a degree in computer science?
by Whiskeytingotango January 23, 2017

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When you make out with a prosotute while drunk and claim you had sex.
Dude go easy you don't want to pull a the pranav
by TheRealPranav March 03, 2017

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When someone fails so hardcore he basically dies, AKA getting embarrassed to hell.
Person 1: Ima do a flip, hold my beer
Person 2: Gotchu
Person 1: *lands on head*
Person 2: dead ass
via giphy
by Mr. Potatus November 02, 2016

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When you Derp or Fail at a simple task
Walking to bank in runescape and a gaurd kills you smitty'd
by CimsonTide24 December 11, 2018

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