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A straight up white person
Look at all those white people around the table (marycoon)
by Alexthessgss April 20, 2018

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wipe for ass; brian
using child on rectum to ploeasure oneself
i just used baby jesus as an asswipe
by abtuse triangle May 04, 2018

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Some guys at a party. When they were kids they dreamed about having a boy band but they ended up working at a homo office, packed like sardines in a crushed thin box with slow computers and 56kbps lame ass internet. In the party they showed off their gay dancing skills, high as fuck and listening to the backstreet boys. They had an unprotected anal orgy after that and ended up playing Super Mario Galaxy. A green converse cap was stolen, never to be seen again.
Gaylash is gay.
by MALElAIN March 13, 2018

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A term for people who ride V-twin motorcycles because they juggle a mans testicles while riding them.
Man, look at all of those nut jugglers riding Harleys!
by Polka_Dick May 29, 2017

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2 cock sucking fags that do make up and suck balls :)
Billy: the Dolan twins are gay
Shelby & Juuliette: yeah we know!!
by ICaptureChildernInaVan January 02, 2019

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a private catholic school in memphis with shitty staff and gay kids and wanna be black white boys who don’t know proper grammar
person 1: where do you go to school?
person 2: SBA
person1: lol you’re gay
via giphy
by imgaybitch February 02, 2019

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Colin has a very small chode. Very hot and sexy. He is very good in bed and yummmmm
colin has a chode
by ytftdrdyhgjkiigi January 31, 2019

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